Prepare Your Backyard for Summer

What better way to celebrate summer than with a great outdoor gathering? Summer is the best time to enjoy the outdoors and the company of friends and family. Get your backyard ready to host the best parties this summer with our professional power washing service.  For the month of June, receive $25.00 off our power washing services.

Our professional power washing service is the fastest and most effective way to clean years of dirt and grime from all you gardens hard surfaces. Replacing tarnished fences and decking in time for summer can be costly. But when you choose to restore your gardens hard surfaces with Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Power Washing services we save you money.

Mouldy corners, mildew stained decks, rust stained walls and peeling paint don’t stand a chance against our industrial strength power washers!

We use top quality equipment to ensure you get the best deep clean possible. It is important to note that all our pressure washers clean with such power that they must only be operated by a fully qualified member of the Cutting Edge cleaning team.

Go ahead. Invite your friends over, dust off the grill, and treat yourself to those new lounge chairs…because we’re going to have your patio and pool deck looking so good that you’ll never want to go back inside again! This is not an area where you want to drop the ball, and preparing for a successful summer full of outdoor fun and fellowship needs to be left to the professionals.

Call us today or request a pressure washing estimate and receive details on how we can revamp your patio to suit your needs and get the party started!

4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Pressure Washing Company

As with hiring any type of contractor, there are certain questions that you should ask before hiring a company to do work on your property. Categories that are important to cover before signing any contracts or committing to a company include insurance, references, experience, and process. Let’s take a deeper look at these categories.

Are They Insured?

First and foremost, you want to make sure that anyone that is even stepping foot onto your property is insured. This will protect all of your property and belongings. If anything becomes damaged during the services provided, you will then be covered by the providing company’s insurance policy. Another crucial question to ask any potential pressure washing company is if all of their employees are covered under workman’s compensation. This will ensure that the employee(s) doing the work will not try to come back and sue you if they are injured on the job. To be on the safe side, we recommend asking the company to provide proof of liability insurance as well as proof of their workman’s compensation policy before beginning any work on your property. If they refuse to provide this documentation, it is safe to say that you should move on to a different company that will.

Do They Have References?

A well-known pressure washing company in the Eugene-Springfield area should be able to provide you with the names and numbers of clients for whom they have previously done work. This will give you the opportunity to do your own research on the company, and hear what customers have to say about the services provided. Be sure to call at least three or four references to get a good idea about the type of work that the company does.

What Kind Of Experience Do They Have?

Pressure washing can ruin certain surfaces, so it is good to hire a company that is experienced in the trade. You want a company in the Raleigh area that knows which surfaces are safe to pressure wash and which surfaces pressure washing is sure to ruin. It is important to interview the company about their experience, and how long they have been in the business. You basically want to validate the services that they are offering.

Do They Have A Process?

If you are like me, when having a new service done you want to know what to expect. Ask the contractor about the process that the staff will follow, the time frame that it will take to have the services completed, the materials used, and how many service technicians you can expect to complete the job. Having a better idea of what to expect will help you to understand the process better.

Once you have addressed all of the above inquires, you will have a better idea of what kind of pressure washing company you are dealing with, and whether or not you would like to do business with them.

Commercial Window cleaning

It Monday off to another busy week  with our home related services we have doing power washing and gutter cleaning. It always good to get your gutters cleaned out if there full it can cause damage to you home if not attended to so, don’t hesitate to give us a call  we will be more than happy to take care of you here is a picture of some window cleaning,IMG_2406 New customer 10% off our services see you soon.

Happy Friday

Business is expanding, we have updated our office equipment and have hired on new office staff to better serve our customers. Thank you to all of our customers for keeping us busy this week. We are running new specials: call us for additional information.

Commercial power washing

Well the week is half way over we have been very busy with our services I wanted to say thank you to Baxter Plumbing  for coming out and getting a job that need to be looked at they were prompt and got the job done in the same day thank you mike and his team. Here is a picture of us cleaning a building. Just a reminder we are running 10% off to new customers have a great day enjoy.power washing